Electric safety

Power up safely with Avista

Discover the steps you can take to make sure the power that runs your home or business helps your life, and never harms it.


How many plugs is too many?

Where's the main power switch? Do you know the answers? Maybe to some, but the list of ways to stay safe around electricity and avoid shocks and burns is bigger than you think. Our checklist of safety tips can keep you safe.

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Contractor Safety

Contractors: Look up, look down and call 811 before you dig

Did you know: Something as simple as planting shrubs, installing a fence, or trimming trees could create a dangerous situation.

Here's what you need to know

Emergency Responder Safety

Emergency responders: How to protect the public in an electrical emergency

When you get a call about an electrical emergency, the next steps can save lives. Here's what to do.

Here's what to do in electrical emergencies

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Keep our safety brochures handy in case you need it in an emergency.