Natural Gas Safety

Smell or hear a gas leak or need to report a downed power line? Call (800) 227-9187.
24 hour phone calls

Live safely

Review our indoor and outdoor safety tips so you can recognize signs of trouble, and understand steps you can take to live safely with this valuable natural resource.

Homeowners: First things first: smell gas, hear it, see it? Call (800) 227-9187

Get a checklist of safety tips to help you detect gas leaks indoors and outdoors, and even prevent them from happening at all.

Read our residential safety list

Contractor Safety

Contractors: How to avoid gas hazards on the job

Did you know: Something as simple as planting shrubs, installing a fence, mailbox post, or sprinkler system could be dangerous. Follow safety guidelines to keep yourself and your clients safe.

Here's what you need to know

Emergency Responder Safety

Emergency responders and public officials: What to do in natural gas emergencies

When you get a call about a damaged gas pipe or a suspicious odor, the next steps can save lives. Follow safety guidelines to be ready.

How to help in natural gas emergencies

Download Safety Brochures

Keep our safety brochures handy in case you need them in an emergency.