Eagle family in a nest, two adult eagles and one young eagle

Eagle Eyes

Perched above Long Lake, a pair of Bald Eagles swoop in and out of their nest, tending to their curious 4-week-old patchy feathered eaglet

Closeup of person's hand holding sediment containing garnets

Local Treasures with Pia: Emerald Creek Garnet Area

Emerald Creek Garnet Area is reopening

Natural gas flame stove

At Home with Lisa: Natural Gas Safety

Lisa wonders, "What should you do if there is a natural gas leak?"

Woman smiling while sitting surrounded by her 7 children

Motherhood and med school

As a mom of seven, including three sets of twins, Misty Lang has to take advantage of every second in the day.

Inside The Cataldo Mission

Local Treasures with Pia: Cataldo Mission

Cataldo Mission is a true gem of Northern Idaho

Water running from shower head in modern bathroom

At Home with Lisa: Shower Timer

A few simple tips for saving energy when using water in your home.