Your Utility at Work

Illustration of Avista truck and houses

Rates 101

With so much in the news lately about Avista rates and rate cases, we thought this would be a good time for a short primer on all things rates

Solar panels

This is clean energy for the future

Founded on clean, renewable hydropower in 1889, we’ve always been at the forefront of clean energy and innovation

Building near train tracks

We're energizing development in Spokane

Avista is part of a team of local companies, organizations, and agencies that are helping push innovative infrastructure and land projects forward

Transforming the energy grid

Transforming the energy grid

Increasing grid reliability and resiliency through partnership and collaboration

Partnerships drive electric vehicle program

Partnerships drive electric vehicle program

Laying the groundwork to enable an electrified transportation sector

Fuel mix pie charts

Electric utilities' fuel mix disclosure

Avista uses different kinds of fuel to produce the electricity that powers the lives and businesses of our customers