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Holiday lights

Bright, twinkling lights are one of the joys of the season, whether they’re on the eaves of your home or strung upon trees.

While those merry little lights are a delight for many, incorrect usage can cause fires, injuries from falls or electrical shocks. To keep the holidays festive and fun, follow these safety tips while decorating outdoors:

  • Use lights—and if needed, extension cords—that are approved for outdoor use.
  • Before decorating, check all light strands for damages and burned out lights. Frayed insulation, exposed wires and broken plugs are all hazards and should be discarded. When replacing bulbs, unplug the strand.
  • Consider purchasing miniature or LED lights as they use less energy and are long lasting. LED lights are also shatterproof and present no fire hazard.
  • To avoid accidentally leaving your lights on, consider a timer. Make sure the timer you use is rated to handle the total wattage of your lights.

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