Holiday lights lit up on a dark blue background

At Home with Lisa: Holiday Lights

Since holiday decorating includes a lot of lights, Lisa checks out Avista’s Energy Guide for tips

Apprentices lined up listening to an instructor with fire extinguishers sitting at their feet

Celebrate apprentices

Apprenticeships are co-sponsored by Avista and a partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers (IBEW) Local 77

Emergency supplies laid out on a table

Why you should have a storm kit and what to have in it

Mother nature can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared at home with an emergency essentials kit.

Woman in an apron placing a freshly baked pie on the table

At Home with Lisa: Holiday Cooking

To help make holiday cooking plans a little more efficient, the Avista Energy Guide has some tips

Electric vehicle plugged into a wall outlet, charging

The cost of charging your electric car at home

Read about the cost benefits of an electric vehicle.

Hand turning on a lamp. A clock sits next to the lamp on a bedside table.

At Home with Lisa: Daylight Savings

Lisa prepares for Daylight Savings by learning how to save on lighting.