Environmental Stewardship

Inside The Cataldo Mission

Local Treasures with Pia: Cataldo Mission

Cataldo Mission is a true gem of Northern Idaho

Water running from shower head in modern bathroom

At Home with Lisa: Shower Timer

A few simple tips for saving energy when using water in your home.

Closeup of a person's feet and legs walking on a trail with a dog on a leash walking next to them

On the Oregon Trail: Jacksonville Woodlands

Come along with us as we hike, bike, and walk through the Jacksonville Woodlands Trails

Man holding a large bronze plaque

Honoring a Beloved Coach

If you've never met coach Wayne Terry, chances are you've met someone who's wrestled on the Mat Maulers Wrestling Club he started 40 years ago

A paved trail near a river. Some wildflowers are growing next to the trail with tall trees lining it.

Local Treasures with Pia: How to be a considerate trail user

The birds are singing, the trees are greening, and flowers are popping up everywhere – it’s a beautiful time for hiking and walking

Kitchen appliances plugged in when not in use

At Home with Lisa: Phantom Load

Save energy by unplugging