At Home with Lisa

Holiday lights lit up on a dark blue background

At Home with Lisa: Holiday Lights

Since holiday decorating includes a lot of lights, Lisa checks out Avista’s Energy Guide for tips

Woman sitting on couch and looking at laptop

At Home with Lisa: Comfort Level Billing

Lisa learns about Comfort Level Billing

Woman looking at her phone

At Home with Lisa: Paperless Bill

Lisa enrolls in paperless billing

Woman in an apron placing a freshly baked pie on the table

At Home with Lisa: Holiday Cooking

To help make holiday cooking plans a little more efficient, the Avista Energy Guide has some tips

Autumn leaves through a window

At Home with Lisa: Window Plastic

Lisa prepares her house for winter with window plastic

Hand turning on a lamp. A clock sits next to the lamp on a bedside table.

At Home with Lisa: Daylight Savings

Lisa prepares for Daylight Savings by learning how to save on lighting.