Before and after photo of showerhead replacement - left side is closeup of old showerhead, right side is closeup of low-flow showerhead

At Home with Lisa: Replacing a Showerhead

Installing a new low-flow showerhead

1st Ave Coffee

A coffee lover's dream

Coffee by the growler

People shopping at farmers market stalls

Local Treasures: Farmers Markets

Farmers market season is highly anticipated by both farmers and shoppers

Lake in the Woods Lodge

A treasure in the woods

The Lake of the Woods Resort has been a beloved destination since as far back as the 1920s

Assortment of painted rocks

Unexpected artwork that's hidden in plain sight

They call themselves “rockers” or sometimes “rock and rollers” and if you are fortunate you may already have found a piece of their artwork

Three-wheeled vehicle called the Switch

Crater Lake High School Switch Lab Project

Students at Crater High School in Central Point Oregon found a new and engaging class on their curriculum last year: