Older woman smiling

Lind, WA Local Gets Front Row View of The Evolution of Technology in Her Town

Gladie is watching as 200 acres of nearby land is transformed into the largest solar farm in the state

Little girl smiling holding a small tree

How a 4-Year-Old's Love For Planting Trees Could Turn Into a Lifelong Passion For the Environment

She loves being outside, digging in the dirt, and searching for insects

Woman smiling

Finding Peace and Purpose Through Planting Trees & Being In Nature

When she is closest to Mother Nature, she feels right at home

Mother hugging daughter

How do those shoes feel?

Putting ourselves in the shoes of others brings home the reality of the poverty cycle

CO detector

At the drop of a pen

Katie learns the importance of carbon monoxide detectors

Dog wrapped in blanket

Baby, it's cold outside

Have you felt the need to bundle up lately?

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