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Smart Winter Giveaway

Avista wants to shine a light (an LED light, that is) on energy efficiency. So we’re offering you multiple chances to win valuable energy-saving prizes—during Avista’s Smart Winter Giveaway!

We’ve got 50 Nest Smart Bundles up for grabs, which include a smart thermostat and three smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors (retail value $600 each). We’re also ensuring more winners by giving away 2,500—yes, that’s no typo—2,500 Smart Winter Gift Boxes that come with a deluxe super-fuzzy blanket, a smart power strip, LED bulbs, an LED flashlight and more (retail value $50 each).

Energy-efficient items like these can all offer smart savings on your energy bill this winter. See how winter impacts your bill.

A Nest smart thermostat lets you remotely control your home’s temperature via mobile or internet. Greater control over your winter heating (and summer cooling) can save plenty of energy. For example, by turning your thermostat down just 3 degrees and snuggling up in a cozy blanket instead, you’ll use up to 10% less energy to heat your home.

Smart power strips also save you energy. Many home electronics—such as printers, DVD players, computers and plasma TVs—keep drawing power even when not in use. A smart power strip keeps electronics from wasting energy by shutting down power when the devices are in standby mode.

And of course, there’s no easier way to boost your home’s energy efficiency than swapping incandescent bulbs to LEDs. Not only do LEDs emit more light per watt, they last a lot longer.

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